BSA Fleet Base

Black Star Alpha Fleet Base of Operations

Black Star Alpha was a Starfleet run fleetbase that was operating out of the Eta Eridani Sector Block less than 5 light years from the station known as K7. The fleet base was under the command of Admiral Michael James Edwards after the base was founded in the year 2404. Recent hostilities between the Klingons and the Federation erupted forcing the suspension of all operation of the base.


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The BSA Founders

Black Star Alpha fleet was reestablished during the month of October in the year 2413 under the command of a one Admiral {{ #NewWindowLink: | Drex Con }} under the orders of Starfleet Command. Taken back by the founder of the fleet abit, Drex made his attempt to take the lead with founding members, {{ #NewWindowLink: | T'Ron }}, {{ #NewWindowLink: | Benjamin Firestorm }}, {{ #NewWindowLink: | Jorge Hudson }} and {{ #NewWindowLink: | Nikkita Styles }}.


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