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Star Trek VII Generations

Before the beginning of time, there are all sorts of interesting and different ways to come by with the universe in general. In this case, {{ #NewWindowLink: | Black Star Alpha }}, a well known fleet in the {{ #NewWindowLink: | 25th Century }} of {{ #NewWindowLink: | Star Trek Online }}, began with one man, Michael Edwards who was an officer on board the {{ #NewWindowLink: | USS Enterprise-D }} in the year {{ #NewWindowLink: | 2367 }} under the command of {{ #NewWindowLink: | Captain Jean Luc Picard }}.


USS Enterprise-D, warp core breach

The USS Enterprise-D destroyed at Veridian III

In the year 2371, the {{ #NewWindowLink: | USS Enterprise-D }} was called to the aid of the Amagosa Observatory when the Klingon Bird of Prey commanded by the {{ #NewWindowLink: | Duras Sisters }} arrived to the aid of their ally aboard the station. This led in turn for the {{ #NewWindowLink: | USS Enterprise-D }} to stop the Klingons at {{ #NewWindowLink: | Veridian III }} which led to the unfortunate destruction of the {{ #NewWindowLink: | USS Enterprise-D }}.


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