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The United Diplomatic Corp of Fleets was formed from the original {{ #NewWindowLink: | Allied Fleet Consortium }} that was established on May 22, 2414 by a group of fleets looking to keep from the violence to each other and to maintain a peace and establishment to help one another within all fleets in that organization. The following rules were established to keep the maintain of the UDCF and the fleets she held within it, and shall adept as time carry’s on.


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Location and FleetsEdit

There were a total 4 fleets that formed the United Diplomatic Corp of Fleets from the ashes of the {{ #NewWindowLink: | Allied Fleet Consortium }} after they had become corrupt from many issues in the past. The leaders of the fleets chose to make a new start and kept with the same location as the Fleet Starbase in the Eta Eridani sector block of the {{ #NewWindowLink: | Beta Quadrant }}. The fleets consist of {{ #NewWindowLink: | Black Star Alpha }}, {{ #NewWindowLink: | Dyson's Dozen }}, {{ #NewWindowLink: | Knights of the Black Star }} and the Klingon fleet made from the leaders of the Federation fleets known as the KDF Fleets.


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Command Council Edit

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Council Positions Edit

There are ranks within the UDCF Political System that all must abide to with the role and the rank assigned to it. The following ranks have been in operation since the founding of the UDCF and may be subject to change

Leader (Grand Admiral) This position for the member is in command of and all of the UDCF. This position is the one to make the final decision from a vote from senate or any other vital operation within the UDCF needing attention. The leader may take martial rule for a 72 hour period in order to deal with a drastic crisis, in which taking such power must be agreed upon by the co-leader. This time frame may not be extended, and does not allow interference with player rights, nor can be used to over rule the council in a decision. This rank holds a degree of diplomacy.

Co Leader (Admiral) This position for the member is a co leader for the UDCF and to the Leader in all cases. This rank has mostly all the powers as the Leader but within all cases, all decisions are still finalized by the Leader rank. If the Leader is not available, this rank makes the final decision if needed if a situation arises. Co leader is also able to grant emergency martial ruling powers to the leader if necessary, and may only have such power if extended so by the leader, as in which the duration of this power lasts for the remaining timeframe as the leaders power. This rank also holds a degree of diplomacy.

Chief Assistant (Captain) This position, the member is the assistant to the Admiral’s with the duties to send out notifications via mail or chat for events or any type of issues that needed to be resolved in a diplomatic or official matter. Chief assistant shall also log current stock of fleet provisions of fleets for effective coordinated restocking efforts that shall be led by the quartermaster/s. All reported fleet holdings shall also be tracked by the chief assistant for cataloguing of fleet development and growth. This rank also holds a partial rank of diplomacy and in tactics.

Chief Diplomat (Rear Admiral) This position for the member is vital to any type of diplomacy situation either within the UDCF or with third parties. This member is responsible for all the new admissions of individuals or fleets within the UDCF. A contact must be maintained by the diplomat and the member or fleet being entered and must have the documentation for the entry into the UDCF. The member in this position understands that any admittance of any fleet or member into UDCF is finalized by the Diplomat, Leader and Co lead present. It is also the sole responsibility to obtain documents of admission for all UDCF admitters

Strategic Operations (Rear Admiral) This position is for the member to maintain the security and protection of the UDCF from all outside sources which includes any third parties or allies. Also the member must coordinate all messages to the leadership from any outside source that could provide any important information

Chief Security (Rear Admiral) This position is for the member to take care of any security matters within the UDCF which includes duties of maintaining the protection of all members from violence and to maintain a security network for events like meetings. This member also needs to maintain the disciplinary actions to any and all members who commit a crime and if possible to escort in front of the senate for more serious actions. This member shall also provide material for how to escape situations with trolls and how to avoid leaving “troll bate”. They will also supply a blacklist of known in game trolls for player protection and safety.

Quartermaster (Commodore) This position for this member must coordinate with all respected fleets of the UDCF to ensure the production of and allocation of resources needed for the fleets. Also the role played the member needs to obtain and provide information on obtaining resources example being dilithium, the best ways to find and extract the minerals

Fleet Liaison (Commodore) This position is vital for the member holding it to maintain the relations between the respected fleets within the UDCF. The member in this position also needs to submit any important information to the fleets within to maintain a standard working operation between the UDCF and all the fleets

Senior Counsellor (Commodore) This position is a morale and important mental disciplined position. The member needs to maintain a level of professionalism in this position to help the mental states of all members in the UDCF. Also the member must provide for support in diplomatic functions if necessary

Mission Specialist (Captain) This position requires the member to be well versed in knowledge of all the missions and which includes the PVE and PVP zones. The member must maintain the up to date materials for all missions and inform any member who needs the assistance to any mission related area

Advisor (Commander) This position has the member to maintain all communications to all the senior officers and the other members of the fleet of any new events to new orders and any information that is needed to maintain the stability of the fleets or any other relevant items to the UDCF. They will also provide judgment in the field and may add commentary to diplomats via PM during diplomatic discussions. Advisors are also tasked with seeing how best fit fleets are for certain tasks that may be assigned.

Rules Edit

I) The fleets or its individual members will not discriminate against anyone within the UDCF for there sex, race, disability, political opinion, religious practices, age, marital status or family status and sexual orientation unless the view point described above is related to any illegal activities or terrorist activities, in which such parties in question of behaviour shall be placed on a players ignore list

II) A loyal commitment to help other members or fleets within the UDCF when needed or required

III) The moniker -UDCF- is to be placed at the rear of any fleet name within the UDCF not for show but to indicate that that fleet is part of the UDCF. This in will no way tarnish the original fleet name unless the fleet name is at maximum length, as then it shall be allowed to not be added based on council decision.

IV) Leaders may conduct their own specifics within their own fleets as they see fit, but must oblige to the rules of the UDCF outside of their fleet operations unless a pre-existing relationship is already in affect, in which case it is grandfathered in and that relation shall be allowed

V) All fleets must have an identified leader and co leader within the fleets so those members of the UDCF council are known as the leaders of the respected fleet

VI) All leaders or representatives of the UDCF fleets must attend the UDCF meetings each week to be kept updated on all events and issues via week or forthcoming. Any leader who fails to show needs to provide a sufficient reason for not being present at the requested time and if not, the leader or representative will be subject to a warning of a minimal amount

VII) All leaders and the members of the respected fleets of the UDCF must understand the terms of any Accord or Peace Treaties signed with other third parties, including pre-existing treaties.

VIII) All leaders of the respected fleets of the UDCF must use the armada chat in order for their fleets to communicate. The United DFC Main is the chat for leaders and their members to communicate to each other fleet within the UDCF for those who are not in the armada. The United DCF Council chat is for the leaders and co leads of the fleet ONLY


Regulations Edit

UDCF Trade ProtocalEdit

I) Trade transactions between a third party must be logged as follows:

TRANSACTION NUMBER:______ ITEM:_________________________ QUANTITY:________________________ EC COST:_________________________ DILITHIUM COST:__________________________ ITEM RECEIVED:_______________________ TRANSACTION DATE:__________________________

II) All transactions shall be logged in this manned in a Excel document by the UDCF Quartermaster. At the end of each month, the reports shall be signed off as acknowledgement of such trades. Any faulty logs or incomplete logs will not be signed off on unless the issue is resolved.

III) This only applies to transactions to help a Third Party outside the UDCF, or to help someone when it requires removing any item from a fleets bank to help them.

UDCF Extent of Emergency PowersEdit

I) The Leader of the UDCF can not declare or self extend emergency powers.

II) Emergency powers can not be extended until the 72 hour period is up, in which it will be extended for another 72 hours on decesion of the council.

III) The Co-Leader may grant the emergency power based on a unbias assessment of the situation.

IV) If the power is extended to the Co-Leader, it shall remail for the remaining part of the duration of the leaders time. If the power is extened to the leader, the leader may then again transfer power to the Co-Leader.

V) Anything that inhibits player growth is not allowed in a executive decision. This includes forcing someone against there will, with holding them from doing a mission, or doing anything that will inconvience someone on a unreasonable level.

UDCF Egress ProtocalEdit

I) The Fleet's leadership, consisting of the Leader and First Officer must be in agreement to egress from the UDCF.

II) The Leadership must meet with the UDCF leader and co-leader and discuss the grounds of the egress. If it is based on any issue regarding social behavior, diplomatic actions will be taken to insure that the issue is settled and that egress will be averted. However, if the fleet decised to leave upon further insisting, they shall be allowed to do so.

III) If in the armada, they are to leave the grouping after removing the -UDCF- moniker from there name. This is required as to show that the fleet is to leave the UDCF, and that there ties are broken.

IV) Once any fleet egresses from the UDCF, any form of harassment from the egressed fleet shall result in blacklisting of any parties threatening the UDCF that are in relation to the egressed fleet.

V) If the fleet is a beta fleet, they shall go ahead and select a gamma fleet that wishes to take over as a beta fleet for that section. Gamma fleets are willing to follow the beta fleet if so wished.

VI) Any fleet wishing to leave the armada but be part of the UDCF may do so, but is not classified as egressing.

VII) Fleets that violate UDCF regulations to a sever degree and persist shall be kicked from the UDCF and/or armada if they are unruly and irritable. No meeting with leaders is necessary, however they must remove the UDCF moniker from there name.

UDCF Definitions of Conditionality Edit

The following is a list of definitions as to what the UDCF considers to be what. These definitions are held in a manor that best supports and protects the UDCF organization.

I) Definition of a Third Party: Any and all third parties include individual members, other fleets, major power fleets, the other powers in Quadrant such as the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic, and any former UDCF members.

II) Definition of inhibiting player growth: includes forcing someone against there will, with holding them from doing a mission, or doing anything that will inconvience someone on a unreasonable level.

III) Definition of sever degree: Any action that is irrational, unrulely, beligerant, or in light of activites that can be of a malitious intent.

IV) Definitions of grandfather relations: Any relationship existing up to the one hour before that the fleet enters the UDCF is considered grandfathered in. Any other relation is considered to be a fleet personal dealing and shall not be touched by the UDCF unless requested.

V) Definition of faulty log: Any entry into a catelog of trades that is not accurate or is doctored/tampered with by a outside source or by a sabouter.

UDCF Policy on Third Party ProceduresEdit

I) All UDCF information that is strictly confined to the council shall not be revealed to outside sources in any way, shape, or form due to preservation of any possible vital information that may arise at any given time.

II) Any third party requisitions for materials involved with any form of fleet holding development must be approved by the UDCF council with the exception of donating XP due to its nature of being a common found item. Any other item outside of XP must be requested from by the council if the item is of uncommon quality or higher, with the exception of Duty Officers.

III) Subject to the facts of paragraph II, any and all fleet provisions are for the UDCF Members and internal treaty members only. ALL fleet leaders must abide by this as the provisions are limited within fleets and the UDCF members have the access when needed

IV) Any and all members are not to be forced into the alternate to help out third parties unless they voluntarily do so and with the strict permissions from the UDCF Leader and the Leader of their fleet they serve. Once the formalities are arranged, the member or members are free to help the third party at their discretion

V) Any items requested by a third party that involve being purchased via fleet marks will automatically be declined due to the need of such items.

VI) Any player with a character inside a fleet of the UDCF that chooses to donate items on a character outside the UDCF shall not be bound to these terms of donation. If the player is found to be smuggling items out of a fleet bank of a UDCF fleet and donating it to any other fleet, they shall be brought before a board of inquiry. If the player is smuggling items out of a fleet bank of a UDCF fleet and is donating to a fleet the UDCF has specifically stated shall not be helped, the player shall be immediately expelled and/or punished based on the fleets handling of the situation.

VII) Regarding item smuggling as noted above, if the player chooses to challenge such an accusation, a court proceeding shall occur with a U.S.A. court room proceeding, consisting of a judge, jury of peers, and a lawyer. If the item in question is a common quality item, the player must replace the item 5 times over to be reinstated into the fleet he was once in, which shall then be dealt with according to the fleet’s regulations.

VIII) Members are not required to help third parties. Any player to player assistance is allowable outside the UDCF and shall not be frowned upon unless the player has knowingly helped another character inside a fleet the UDCF has forbade assisting, which then the offending player shall receive a 10,000 ec fine.

IX) All feets that wish to join the UDCF that contact non-rank holding members with in the council must go ahead and refer them to a higher ranking member. Anyone impersonating a UDCF official shall be immediately kicked from the fleet, and a hearing as stated in paragraph VII shall take place if demanded.

X) With all chats and communication within the fleets for helping each member out, stays with the internal of UDCF and not for any third parties. If under any circumstances of former members wanting access, the matter can be looked into and given the strict permissions from the leader for a time to have access to the United DCF Main ONLY

XI) All fleets that provoke or antagonize any fleets with in the UDCF shall be blacklisted for the self preservation of the UDCF. If the UDCF is accused of being an aggressor, the council must deliberate on a course of action and shall diplomatically make amends to the best of there ability in the most equitable way.



Admissions into the UDCF is a very delicate process as different fleets have different needs or goals that they abide by. While doing the application process keep in mind that all fleets are welcome, weather that they are Tier 0 or Tier 5 as we do not discriminate on anyone. Here is the following criteria that you must abide by when doing the application process for any new fleet entering into the UDCF

First step process is the letter of admission to the respected fleet for joining. This is a delicate process and there should be a professional demeanour in the letter at all times for the mail to entry to the UDCF. The mail must be sent to the leader or respected leaders of the new fleet joining the UDCF.

When the response comes back, there are two alternatives. The first is rejection. In that case, reply in formal back to the respected leader and thank them for their time in reading the application to the UDCF. On the other hand, the mail coming back could be an acceptance and in that case, below are the following instructions to follow

I) Make sure the mail message is the respected leader of the applying fleet as only the leader of a fleet has the authorization to join their fleet to the UDCF

II) When the respected fleet is ready to join the following information is required for the formal meeting to be held with the applying the fleet with the UDCF leader, co leader and the diplomat a) Fleet name and Tier level b) Fleet size and number of members c) Leader and Co leader handles

When the new fleet is in the final stages of joining the UDCF, the following must be observed to the new fleet in mail and in the email for the new leader

I) A welcome message to the UDCF and what the goal for the UDCF is to be, and what we expect in credentials for example the weekly meetings and so forth

II) Advise right away that the name change of placing the UDCF in front of the fleet name does not tarnish the their original fleet name in any way and shows all around that they are officially in the UDCF

III) To provide a copy of all documents which states the Rules of UDCF, the Command Structure of UDCF and the Third Party Policies

IV) To provide a copy of the Peace Treaty we have between the UDCF and the COKC so the new fleet knows what to expect from it

V) Instructions on how to invite their fleet members to the United DCF Main and for the leader and co lead only for the United DCF Council

So with that, the final task is to file and document the new fleet into the files of UDCF and maintain a contact with the fleet on anything needed. The Ambassador or rank of the Diplomat is to undertake this formality in representing the UDCF to any new candidate. Good luck with the application process of new fleets for the UDCF!!


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